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Safe And Vault Locks Ltd is an official trade only indemnified distributor for Sargent and Greenleaf based in Ireland.  Safe And Vault Locks export worldwide and offer trade accounts to genuine members of the trade only.
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Sargent & Greenleaf
is a world leader in high security locks and locking systems for safes and vaults.  Since 1857, Sargent and Greenleaf’s innovations have resulted in the industry’s largest selection of mechanical combination locks, electronic safe locks, vault locks, time locks and specialty safe-locking solutions.
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For 160 years Wertheim has manufactured the highest quality safes and vault doors in Austria built to resist the most professional attack.  Wertheim safes and vaults have been subjected to strenuous testing by VdS, ECB-S and CNPP in France.  They have demonstrated prolonged resistance to attacks executed using the most sophisticated burglary tools including diamond core drills and thermic lance.
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Kaso has over hundred years of experience in safe and vault manufacturing dating back to its foundation in 1891 in Tampere, Finland.Kaso security solutions are tested in compliance with the European standards (EN 1143-1, EN 1143-2, EN 1047-1, NT 017 among others) and they are approved also by the respective authorities and insurance companies.  Kaso is a NATO approved security solution supplier. Kaso NCAGE – NATO code is A345G.
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Chubbsafes have been in the business of supplying safes and other secure storage products for almost 200 years.There has always been a strong family feeling within Chubbsafes. Not only has the management remained within the same family since the foundation, but there are also a number of workmen today whose fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers worked for Chubb.Since its inception in 1818, Chubbsafes has grown into a large multinational brand with operations worldwide.